Aluminum, with its classic beauty, is now the preferred material in the gutter industry. For one thing, aluminum has a high-quality appearance. It also provides the deepest, richest colors. And it requires next to no maintenance. Aluminum seamless gutters are a great choice for long-term aesthetics and value for the discriminating homeowner.

Aluminum has 76% of the strength of carbon steel at 52% of the weight. Only magnesium and titanium are better, but cost far more, making them an uneconomical choice. So if your seamless gutters were made of titanium, they’d enjoy long life but cost you too much. If they were made of steel, they’d be plenty strong but weigh too much and would rust over time. But if they are made of aluminum, as ours are, they will be strong, lightweight, affordable, attractive and long-lasting.

Aluminum resists atmospheric and chemical corrosion as well. It protects itself with an ultra-thin, super-hard and transparent layer of aluminum oxide. It looks good, lasts a long time and it never needs painting. Steel gutters can rust, aluminum will not.