New seamless gutters are one of the first exterior finishes on a house to stain and lose their new appearance.  Within a few short months (sometimes weeks) new gutters will begin staining, streaking and get what is known in the industry as “tiger striping”.

The cause of staining

There are several factors that lead to and cause gutter staining.  These include petroleum-based run-off from the roof shingles, tannic acid from leaves, pollution, acid rain, pollen, general dirt and debris as well as various other contaminants.
These harsh contaminants along with certain atmospheric conditions lead to contaminant filled condensation. The condensation forms a bond with the gutter surface that allows the inevitable staining and blackening of the gutter face. The condensation that accumulates on the top horizontal edge of the gutter eventually runs down the gutter day after day and in short order begins the striping process.

StainGuarder prevents the two types of staining that occurs on the gutters (general blackening and tiger striping).  StainGuarder has been thoroughly tested and installed on gutters in some of the most adverse climates in various geographical areas for over ten years and proven itself to work effectively.

StainGuarder also reduces ice formation (icicles).  Ice can be very dangerous if allowed to form on a gutter and it falls.  Icicles can get as big as four feet long and weigh as much as 10 pounds each.  A series of icicles can add tremendous weight to the gutter and cause it to break away from the building or at a minimum loosen from its hangers.  Needless to say, a heavy icicle or a heavy ice weighted gutter falling from your roof is not a good thing and can be very dangerous!

StainGuarder can help!